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The research projects at UCD are using new computational approaches and analytical techniques which have led to the creation of data sets which will prove invaluable to researchers across a number of subject areas.

The Centre for Cultural Analytics acts as a focus and host for international networks and an incubator for new projects in a rapidly developing and prestigious field.

Explore some of the data and findings generated by UCD projects

The Nation, Genre & Gender project is a unique collaboration between researchers in literature and data analytics. The research team combines UCD’s strengths in cultural criticism and social network analysis, traditional humanities and new computational approaches, established and early stage researchers.

As part of this project, we have manually annotated a corpus of 19th-20th century Irish and British novels. Sample data for three case study novels is provided below. A full downloadable corpus is to follow in the second phase of the project.

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Industrial Memories has taken the text of The Ryan Report and turned it into a database, which you can explore by theme, order or institution. Find witness stories, browse by decade or delve into the activity of the people in the report – from the religious orders to the department of education and the Gardaí.

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The Irish Poetry Reading Archive (IPRA) is a central repository that holds recordings of Irish poets and writers, reading their own work and giving a very brief overview of the context and circumstances that influenced the writing of their poems.

Many of the readings are accompanied by handwritten copies of the poem, created by the poet especially for the reading. This collection aims to capture and preserve the rich and diverse landscape of poetry in Ireland. It includes the voices of: established poets; emerging poets; performance poets; avant-garde poets; English and Irish language poets; and Irish diaspora poets.

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Data will be made available soon.

Data will be made available soon.